A course in which I tell you about how I work and what gear I use. How to start a videography career and my own opinions about the scene. Includes tips & tricks!

Eva Glasbeek

PM 05:02  Jun 24 2021
I am a self-taught filmmaker and owner of: EVA | Indivisuals. I focus on capturing faces, fashion, cultures, and countries in an original way. Living in a world where it gets easier to make videos every day, I want to make sure I give a personal and original touch to the videos I make. Everything you see on this website is filmed, directed, graded and edited by me. I mainly focus on fashion videography and artistic projects but I am always open to connect with new types of brands, companies or artist to work out a plan that suits their brand and vision.
Throwback: My name is Eva Glasbeek, I am 25 year old living in Amsterdam. When I was 8 years old, my parents gave me a simplistic camera which I could take photos and videos with. This is where my obsession with images began. I started taking loads of pictures of my friends in crazy settings with a lot of makeup and a lot of overexposure (I thought it made the skin look better). I loved watching short videos online and I was always wondering how on earth they managed to combine footage with music and use a "fade in". This is when I discovered tutorials on Youtube. In my 3rd year of college I got the opportunity to go to Middlesex University in London to follow the courses: documentary, screenwriting and directing & producing. After my minor in London, I started my internship at Fonk Film in Amsterdam, where I worked as a production intern on multiple big projects with brands and companies like VICE, Buddha to Buddha, Bank Giro Loterij and Red Bull. In October 2017 I finally decided to give this a go and started investing in my own company so I could become a fulltime freelance filmmaker.

Fast forward in time: I make video's every single day! It varies between portfolio work to challenge myself to grow and a lot of freelance jobs for musicians, artists, fashion companies, different brands, individuals, weddings and commercials. The best way to learn is to just go out there and make it happen. So if you have any questions or ideas, don't hesitate and: hit me up!
Don't you just love it when someone asks you "so tell me: who are you?" It's a hard question to answer because: do you ever know who you really are? In this generation social media is more important than I would like to admit, it is all about your appearance online. It gives you an opportunity to create the best version of yourself and manipulate the way people look at you. Great, right? But if I can do it, anyone else can too... So all the faces and people we are looking up to, who are they really? Anyway, I am getting off topic... For now I like to explain myself as a young creative with an open mind. I see opportunity's rather than things that could go wrong and I get very hyped about new ideas I haven't tried yet.

The videos I make when a client tells me: "Do whatever you want and be as creative as possible", always end up being: hectic, colourfull and fast.. very fast. Maybe that's because I lose my focus after watching a video for about 40 seconds and I think that's because I am the perfect example of a millenial: a lot of impressions and emotions in a very fast phase, every.. single.. day..

Once I started making videos (2011) I wasn't really good at handling a camera so in the edit I would add a lot of filters and speed-ramping to the footage to make it somewhat look cool and flashy (to cover up my mistakes). Over the past few years I've learned a lot about the gear I use and editing software so I translated "the mistakes I made at first" into my own editing style and it seems to work very well. I want my video's to be real and authentic. For me it is not just about following the rules and making sure you use the perfect settings at all times to make your footage look perfectly crisp and clean. In my opinion it is more about capturing the over-all vibe while I am shooting a video. It is hard to make something look clean and tidy in a video if in real life, it is actually not. So why don't grab on to the fact that something is real and raw and make it the base of the video. A "perfect" video isn't necessarily a video that sticks and works, for me it's about recreating that same moment on the screen so you can re-live it forever and ever...

This is just my personal style and thoughts written down. I've done a lot of work with/for clients where they give me an idea or a script and I can confidently say that I know how to get that work done without taking to many risks if they don't want me to. I know how to work inside the box and in between the lines, though I am happy to say that a lot of my clients want me to be creative and work with my own style. To me that is one of the biggest compliments a creator can get.
Hanzehogeschool, Communication & Multimediadesign, Groningen, Netherlands
Middlesex University, BA Film, London, England
Fonk Film, Production Intern, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sony A7iii
ZEISS 55 mm F1.8
ZEISS 24-70mm F4
Sigma 35mm F1.4
Samyang 14mm F2.8
Zhiyun Weebil